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Water festival provides priceless opportunities

Published 11:32am Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dear Editor,

The Water Festival that was recently held at Wind Creek Park for Tallapoosa County fourth graders was a great first for the Lake Martin community.

Having the opportunity to transport more than 400 students to the shores of Lake Martin and teach them about water quality and our fragile environment is a major accomplishment that can pay dividends for many years to come.

These youngsters, many of whom were seeing Lake Martin for the very first time, were absolutely enthralled with the entire event. Using teaching methods that fourth graders could understand and relate to, the volunteer teachers were able to deliver a powerful message about the threats to Lake Martin.

As one of the major sponsors, Lake Martin Resource Association (LMRA) supported the event both financially and with many volunteers that were critically needed to insure success of the two day event. With our history of organizing numerous lake cleanups, we were asked to deliver a message about the plastic and glass bottles and the aluminum cans that represent the litter most frequently retrieved during those cleanups.

What is it worth to be able to speak to 400 plus bright young students in a gorgeous setting on the shores of Lake Martin and being given the opportunity to point out the kinds of trash that is dropped in the water and on the shores of Lake Martin to remain for thousands of years?

I think it is priceless, and we should start now to plan for “Water Festival 2014”.

Thanks to Sabrina Wood and Middle Tallapoosa Clean Water Partnership for getting it started.

John Thompson


Lake Martin Resource Association