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Robinson’s weekly sports ramblings

Published 10:21am Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Here’s a few of my thoughts on what’s going on in the world of sports these days:

  • In what may be the best example of why Texas’ football program can’t get back on track, UT coach Mack Brown handed out rings for the Longhorns’ 9-4 season in 2012.Let me repeat for emphasis: Texas, arguably the school with the most resources in the country while playing in the mediocre Big 12, gave out rings for winning nine games and beating Oregon State in the Alamo Bowl. Memo to Mack Brown: You coach Texas! This isn’t a second grade spelling bee! You don’t get awards for participation! I bet President General Antonio López de Santa Anna didn’t even give rings when his troops won the actual Alamo! This gesture by Brown may, quite frankly, be the most un-Saban-like move in the history of the game.
  • Texas A&M has announced plans to add enough seats to their stadium to make it the largest in the SEC.Amazing what one little old Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback can do for you, huh? Meanwhile, Notre Dame has plans to add 3,000 seats to their stadium too. I guess all of the imaginary girlfriends can finally stop sitting in their boyfriends’ laps. (Writer’s note … That is officially the last Teo joke forever.)
  • Though I care nothing about horse racing for 264 days, 23 hours and 57 minutes the rest of the year, I do watch the Kentucky Derby.One of my favorite things about the race is the horses’ names. Unfortunately, this year left a lot to be desired in the name-game. Revolutionary? Orb? Come on, people. If I had a horse, I’d name it “Yo momma.” That way, when the famous finishing call is made, it can be, “And down the stretch they come! Hoosier Daddy in the lead followed by Glue Factory but look out on the outside! It’s … It’s … Yo Momma making a big push!
  • Kobe Bryant is in the middle of a lawsuit with his mother over some of his memorabilia.  Arizona Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault against his girlfriend (who is also the mother of their 5-month-old child).  X-rays have recently determined that new York Yankee hero Mickey Mantle used a corked bat. An Ottawa Senators player was suspended for 2 games for an incredibly dirty hit on a defenseless opponent that caused facial and dental injuries. Tiger Woods. Rae Carruth. OJ Simpson. Mark McGwire. Ray Lewis. Sammy Sosa. Lying. Killing. Cheating. Adultery. Murder for hire. We forgave or forgot just about everyone one of these guys (I said JUST ABOUT). They smeared the name of their respective sports through immorality or general sin. They tainted the essence of the game and/ or affected loved ones and fans.So excuse me while I do not get all too worked up about NBA journeyman Jason Collins and his announcement that he is gay. His lifestyle is not a crime and affects no one but him. You may not agree with this way of living, but you at least have to admire his honesty. He isn’t a hero, but what he did took courage. In a sports world filled with athletes who are forgiven time and time again for unethical acts, it certainly seems unfair that a man who simply quit living a lie would be looked down upon. Robinson is a sports columnist for The Outlook.