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Beginning of a new tradition

Published 10:23am Friday, May 3, 2013

Occasionally, people set out to start traditions.

Others happen by accident.

When our new Sports Editor Ed Bailey moved to town, I invited him and Virginia Spears over for pitas.

Sometime during the night, the phrase TPI (Tallapoosa Publishers) Supper Club was tossed around – sort of as a joke.

But as the night progressed, we began talking about whose house we were going to next. I am a picky eater, and Virginia and Ed wanted to polish their cooking prowess.

So week two came around, and this time we convened for chili and Netflix (as I have said before, I still don’t have cable OR Internet) at Virginia’s house. Another successful outing.

TPI Supper Club began to pick up steam. Every week, we upped the ante.

Virginia threw down some epic cinnamon sugar muffins, grits and bacon.

I hate chunky salsa – or at least I thought I did. But Ed’s version of a Mexican pizza has made me second-guess that.

Though I initially dreaded the idea of eating foods I was less comfortable with, I have been pleasantly surprised with every step I take out of my culinary shell.

And while I scoffed at the idea of spending another two hours with a crew I already spend eight plus hours a day, 5 days a week with, I think the experience has only made us a stronger team.

So what started as a simple welcome-to-the-team meal has turned into a full-fledged weekly tradition, one that we tend to talk about every day between meetings.

For me it has broken the monotony of cooking for one. And unlike cooking for my family or, say, a girl I am trying to impress (or vice versa), the feedback is honest – I think all of us have honed our skills over the weeks by having several sets of taste buds as a litmus test.

We don’t hit every meal out of the park every week, but it’s started to be about more than just the food.

Our newest staff member Robert Hudson was indoctrinated into TPI Supper Club last week. Who knows what he will cook when it’s his time to host.

But I am not really concerned.

The club must go on.

Nelson is a recovering food snob and news editor for The Outlook.