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Wind Creek seeks volunteers for cleanup

Published 11:00am Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wind Creek State Park is looking to bring together volunteers with an aim to keep the area beautiful for all who use it.

Wind Creek State Park will conduct a shoreline cleanup on Saturday.

Volunteers are asked to meet in the park’s beach parking lot at 9 a.m.

Randy Spivey, park ranger at Wind Creek State Park, said this will be the second shoreline cleanup of the year, and volunteers will help clean up debris that has accumulated after recent storms.

“We usually have two each year, and pretty much for the past two years the amount of trash that has been collected in those has been enough to fill up two dumpsters full of trash,” Spivey said. “A lot of the debris that’s probably going to get picked up this time is going to be from the past storms and from the lake level rising.”

Spivey said volunteers should bring a number of items to help with Saturday’s cleanup.

“What they would probably like to bring is gloves because if you’re picking up logs and stuff you could cut your hands or hurt your hands,” Spivey said. “We will supply trash bags. They probably want to bring hats because it’s probably going to be hot, and they should bring water as well.”

Along with the second shoreline cleanup of the year, the park has also scheduled a trail cleanup for June 1 in conjunction with National Trails Day.

“The National Trails Day is pretty much an American Hiking Society trail awareness program, and it takes place annually on the first Saturday in June,” Spivey said. “The idea of the whole project is pretty much to get the public involved in trail cleanups, and also the party that’s doing it can also host clinics and exhibits as well.”

The park is already gathering volunteers for June’s cleanup and is hoping to gain even more.

“We have some volunteers that are set to come for National Trail Day. I’ve also coordinated with some scout groups to come to it as well to help on the trail,” Spivey said. “With the cleanup, we just ask for anyone. If they want to come clean up, they can. The more the better.”

For any questions or to volunteer, contact Wind Creek State Park at 256-329-0845.