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Ellington celebrates 101st birthday

Published 10:59am Thursday, April 25, 2013

One of the community’s oldest residents is celebrating another year.

Laura Ellington celebrated turning 101 on Wednesday.

Ellington said she’s truly blessed to have lived as long as she has.

“I feel fine. I’m living now with my daughter and I’ve had several falls, but I am doing great. I’m not senile. I can call in my prescriptions, I can write checks, I can think better than my daughter,” Ellington laughed. “I am really blessed.”

Throughout her life, Ellington said she has lived through her faith. And one of the things she’s enjoyed the most throughout the years is all that she has learned and the people she has met.

“The Bible teaches us ‘Be thou faithful until death and I will give you a crown of life.’ And in my young days in the community I was a community doctor,” Ellington said, “and I’ve always wanted to a nurse. And I would be with this midwife, so learned a lot about doctors. I learned to read, learned to play the piano, and I just loved people.”

Ellington said she has also enjoyed her friends, who lovingly refer to her as “Momma Laura.”

“I have friends all over the world. Sometimes I wonder what it is that people love about momma Laura — that’s what everybody calls me,” Ellington said. “I just have friends everywhere, so the life I live speaks for me.”