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Gallery 128 celebrates year of art

Published 3:05am Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Promotion of the arts has a yearlong history at Gallery 128, and its latest exhibit is a celebration of that year.

“I really do think that we need more art exposure,” said Henry Foy, gallery owner. “Art stimulates creativity. Creativity solves problems, and that’s important.”

The newest exhibit, which opened today, highlights the art of the 12 artists who have been featured in exhibits throughout the last year, including Dottie Holdren, Joan Givens, Martha McKnight, Langley Tolbert, Elaine Shields, Kevin Whitman, Shirley Pody, Virginia Bradshaw, Catie Radney, Blanche Warr, Tommy Moorehead and Betty Carroll.

“I’m so happy for Henry that his gallery is doing well,” Tolbert said. “I just think it’s a credit to the people who like the arts in this part of Alabama.”

The exhibit will feature primarily new works by the artists, the majority of which will also be available for purchase – although that’s not necessarily the principal purpose.

“Obviously we want to sell some to help the artists and to pay for the expense of having this,” Foy said. “It’s also a little bit of a museum. Unlike a galley, say, in a mall, everything is displayed. Most everything is visible and displayed with the intent of it being seen more so than sold.”

Carroll’s work was featured recently at the gallery.

“It was such an honor to have a solo show,” Carroll said. “It did really well.”

Carroll will bring four pieces, and she said she tried to make them lake appropriate, like swimming dogs and fish.

“I’ve got two dog paintings – one is a yellow lab and one is a golden retriever,” Carroll said. “The fish piece is a little more modern.”

Carroll will also bring her painting of a villa on a waterway. All of her pieces will be for sale.

“It’s really fun for me to be a part of the group of artists,” Carroll said.

Tolbert said she will have abstract works of figures on display.

“They’re done in acrylic with a lot of mixed media – a lot of texture,” Tolbert said. “You can look at the painting as a pure abstract, or you can look at it and enjoy the figure that’s in it.”

Foy said he thinks the gallery just brings a little extra something to the community.

“It’s something that sets Alexander City a little bit apart from another community this size – it’s something you’re not going to find everywhere you go,” Foy said. “You go to a little cafe like this, and it’s not like going to a cafeteria or a hustle bustle restaurant. This is more like a sidewalk cafe where you just while the time away and relax or walk around and look at the art. It just goes hand in hand.”

Public response to the gallery, Foy said, has been great.

“Every artist has sold something during their shows here,” Foy said. “Some of them have sold quite a lot, which tells me that people are seeing it, and they like it. It’s just adds to the service that we do.”

The art will be on display from April 23 through May 31. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. until closing and Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Art instructors are encouraged to bring their students.