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Library to host Cowhick for book signing

Published 12:24pm Friday, April 19, 2013

When one Tallapoosa County native decided to turn a page in her life and start a new chapter, Christian fiction writing was the road she took.

Kitty Cowhick will be at the Adelia M. Russell Library April 23 at 2 p.m., signing copies of her book, Hammer Down.

The book tells the story of a young truck driver – a plot Cowhick can write with authority from her own career in transportation management and trucking.

“It’s about his faith,” Cowhick said. “He is a young, cocky, brand new truck driver ready to take on the world … He thinks that he’s ready for whatever is ahead, and he gets out there, and his faith gets challenged in many ways.”

Hammer Down is Cowhick’s first book.

“I have wanted to write all my life, but I let my circumstances tell me it was not possible,” Cowhick said.

Cowhick said although she gave some thought to writing country music songs in the 1980s, she gave up the notion of writing until 1998, when she thought she was about to die during a surgery. Spiritual awakening made her realize her need to share the love of God with her family and friends.

“After the surgery I started writing devotionals to each of them,” Cowhick said. “I enjoyed that so much.”

Realizing how much she loved it led her to continue writing – a vocation she said she now considers her way of serving God.

“I get to put into words what God has done in my life,” Cowhick said. “The Lord was there every step of the way … it delights me to think there’s something I can write about that will touch somebody else.”

The rookie truck driver in Hammer Down eventually finds his way in the world and aligns his life with God – just like Cowhick. Along the way, the people he meets and the things he experiences aren’t 100 percent fictional.

“There are nuggets in my stories that are pulled directly from my life,” Cowhick said. “Everything from his home life to his trucking life … though names and towns are changed.”

Cowhick said she named one character for her father. The main character is named after her father-in-law. Everything from CB handles to street names are drawn from Cowhick’s life.

Cowhick second book will be out in the fall, and she is under contract with Tate Publishing for additional books.

“When I lined myself up with the Lord, he lined me up with the right people,” Cowhick said. “I believe all along that this was something I was supposed to do.”

Copies of Hammer Down will be available at the book signing at the library for $13.