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Concerned parent questions ballfield arrest

Published 11:23am Friday, April 12, 2013

Dear Editor,

I’m writing this in regards to the arrest of Anthony Raymond Buchanan.

I don’t approve of the way the police officers conducted themselves.

The young man was at the Sportplex to see his kid(s) play ball on opening day.

He knew the police were going to be there, so it wasn’t as if he was trying to hide or anything.

I feel as though the officers could have handled it differently. His kid(s) – along with other children – saw him handcuffed and taken to jail.

Also, on Tuesday he was on the front page of The Outlook. The paper stated: “Buchanan was on Field 1 – where all teams were preparing to be introduced – when the arrest occurred.”

Think – his kid(s) were in the line when their father was arrested. Wonder what that did to them in front of their friends and teammates?

I’m not saying now suggesting the police shouldn’t have arrested him – just not this way.

I’m not trying to get anything started. I’m just concerned about the way it went down.

Thanks for reading this letter.

Concerned citizen, parent, grandparent,

Eddie M. Wright