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New Site audit comes back clean

Published 12:54pm Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Site’s routine audit for fiscal year 2011-2012 is complete, and town clerk Shelia Fuller said no major problems were indicated.

The town will implement three suggestions from Hare and Dunlap CPA Group.

“Forever, there had only been one signature on checks,” Fuller said. “They did suggest that the mayor (also) start signing checks.”

In addition to instituting a two-signature check signing process, Fuller said they also plan to follow the auditors’ suggestion of having a more clear-cut checks and balances system between the town clerk and assistant town clerk Tonya Phillips in regards to deposits and money counting, ensuring everything balances out.

“We do that most days, but some days (are crazy),” Fuller said.

A final suggestion Fuller said they are taking to heart is the recommendation to receive updated training in accounting principles.

“That will be something we’ll be looking into,” Fuller said. “Those programs change so much … I know it will help me and I know it will help Tonya to do additional, updated training in QuickBooks.”

No discrepancies were found in any of the town’s financial statements or business practices.