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Government should promote capitalism

Published 12:48pm Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dear editor,

This is a letter to my representatives.

Enough already. How much more of my money (taxes) do you think I need to forfeit so that Congress can give it to whom they desire in the way of subsidies, earmarks, loans and tax breaks?

Enough of the subsidies already. Now another $6 billion for student loans, are you kidding me? If the government would stop trying to pay (subsidizing) for everything with our money, costs will come down.

I would like to see you actively supporting capitalism, not government subsidies and earmarks.

Why do we pay taxes to the federal government to operate when they don’t even have a budget to operate under? You have been a legislator long enough to have done SOMETHING to reduce our deficit, reduce the fraud, waste and abuse of our tax money, cut government spending and get our nation back on the road to liberty and freedom.

No more continuing resolutions. No budget, no money. Shut the government down if need be.

Your constituents are being used as victims, and I see no outcry from any of the Republicans to halt this massive government nanny state takeover.

We don’t want freebies; we want our freedom and our liberty. We want to leave our children with a country better off than it was in our generation. We want the federal government out of our bedrooms, homes, schools and local communities.

Stand firm and defend our rights under the Constitution. Any gun control bills should be non starters as they are a violation of the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.


Defend our Constitution by actively trying to repeal the already enacted gun control laws. Do something about voter fraud, securing our border and balancing a budget.

Simplify the tax code so that everyone has “skin in the game” by proposing a flat tax or a consumption tax. How can a company the size of General Electric pay little if any in taxes with record profits?

I proudly served my country for 22 years in the United States Army and swore to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. I am ashamed to say that I have not been very vigilant in watching on the domestic side until recently. I am now AWAKE and watching closely.

Over the past few years the president has taken numerous steps to undermine the Constitution and bypass Congress.

It appears that he is on the path to make Congress irrelevant, and I see none of our representatives taking any steps to stop this power grab.

The federal government’s primary function is to protect the Constitution and the American people.

I see neither being pursued with the vigor that is being displayed in attempts to take away our rights as citizens.

Is it possible that you have been in Washington so long that you have become part of the problem and not part of the solution? Some of us are beginning to think maybe that is true.

This president should be impeached.

Your constituent,

SFC Timothy P. Thomas, US Army (Ret)