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Career fair attracts employers, employees

Published 12:53pm Thursday, April 11, 2013

Potential employees flooded the Betty Carol Graham Center for the Lake Martin Area Career Fair Wednesday.

Thirty-four tables with information and freebies lined the walls of the main auditorium. Employers and teachers were on hand to share information with those who came to the event.

Denise Walls, event coordinator, said they saw more than 100 people come through within the first hour of the four-hour fair.

As previously reported in The Outlook, the fair is an annual event to promote employment in the area.

“It’s an opportunity for companies to hand pick (employees),” Walls said. “It presents an opportunity for companies to see that person in front of them and talk to them and get a better sense of whether it’s somebody they want to hire or not.”

That was the benefit attendee Kevin Kimbrough, who came to the fair looking for a job in police or security, highlighted.

“A lot of these places that are out here, you can’t go to the front office and try to apply,” Kimbrough said. “Here you actually see people that might be hiring and get a little face time.”

Computers and tables were set up for people to have the space and opportunity to fill out job applications.

“Have I been to a million job fairs? No. But this one … is set up very nice,” said Chad Dunaway with Satellites Unlimited. “They provided everything.”

Other businesses also praised the fair – like Kristi Vickers, officer manager at Pro Link, who said they had visited with several prospective employees.

“This is an amazing opportunity for our area to get back some of the jobs that were lost,” Vickers said.