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Superintendent schedule

Published 11:38am Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BOE finalizes plans for interviewing potential school system leaders

Superintendent interviews have been scheduled, following an Alexander City Board of Education work session Monday.

Board president David Sturdivant presented a number of suggestions to the board about the interview questions, the process and the schedule.

Each superintendent will go through an approximately two-hour interview process on the following dates:

- April 15, Dr. Dwight Pullen of Atlanta

- April 16, Dr. James McCoy of Commerce, Ga.

- April 17, Allen Martin of Milledgeville, Ga.

- April 18, Dr. Darrell Cooper of Jasper, Ala.

- April 19, Dr. Julius Shanks of Montgomery, Ala.

- April 22, Jose Reyes of Alexander City

The interviews will be open to the public. Community members who wish may submit their questions for the prospective superintendents, some or all of which will be asked at the board’s discretion.

“I would like to get as many people that are interested in the new superintendent here for that public interview as possible,” said board member Michael Ransaw.

Prospective superintendents will be provided the interview questions in advance, and school board members will take turns posing the questions to the candidates.

Prior to the evening interviews, the board will host each superintendent for a day of activities – visiting each school in the system and introducing different community leaders.

“Not every day is going to look and feel exactly the same as the others,” Sturdivant said. “You’re going to meet different people and take different twists and turns.”

The Outlook will continue to provide coverage of the superintendent selection process, including posting videos of each superintendent’s interview at

  • vickieblue

    I hope the board asks or investigates the backgrounds of some of these out of area candidates. A couple of things concern me about a few of the candidates.

    Dr. Pullen seemed to have been forced to resign or face termination from his last superintendent position.

    He is also a finalist for Lee County.

    If our board wants someone who will be here for the next ten years them I’m not sure if we want a job hopper.

    It is also curious as to why Dr. James McCoy would leave a current superintendent position in North Georgia to come to Alexander City. With no known ties, why would someone do that? I hope that is investigated .

    I would also encourage each and every one of us to get out and watch all of the interviews and make our voices heard. We do need fresh ideas about our school system. I would just hate for us to hire someone that is using us as a stepping stone or is trying to rebuild their career through us.