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‘Teaching, learning, discipline begin at home’

Published 11:24am Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dear editor,

I am concerned about some young people and the choices that are being made out in society – the lack of respect that has been shown for others.

If a child is loved, he or she will know how to love. If a child is given respect, he or she in turn will know how to respect others.

A child is known by his doing.

We expect a lot out of youth workers but not more than what is required of a parent.

Teaching, learning and discipline begin at home. It will show what’s what in society.

Christine Gray

  • wildflower

    Outstanding observation. EVERY parent could learn from this.

  • bamaboy65

    If we as a society would put the parents back in charge of the home and get the government out of it, then the parents could teach “RESPECT” to their kids but due to the fact that if you spank your child or take away their viedo game for being disrespectful or mean then you are labled a bad parent or a child abuser in most cases by society. Put the “PADDLE” back in school and the “BELT” back in the home along with “PRAYER and the BIBLE” and you will see a change in the young people.

  • Char Aznable

    I attended a party last year where a parent was providing hard liquor for her 15 year old son and a few of his friends. When I asked why she told me that she did not want to be one of those parents that doesn’t get along with their children. I noticed that the same child got busted for shoplifting recently, and his 15 year old girlfriend is expecting their first child.