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Here’s a dose of Robinson’s ramblings

Published 11:29am Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Here’s a mixed bag of thoughts after my triumphant return from Disney World. I survived the trek, but just barely.
Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs is taking a ton of heat right now.
I suppose when your three major programs finish (or are finishing) dead last in their respective standings, the criticism is warranted.
I, too, think Jacobs has probably outlived his usefulness on the job, but to blame him for all of AU’s problems is a bit excessive.
When he hired basketball coach Tony Barbee, for example, Barbee was one of the nation’s hottest names.
The fit just hasn’t been right for whatever reason.
Meanwhile, a football coach Jacobs hired did win the school’s second national title.
While that coach later ran the program right into an iceberg, what was Jacobs supposed to do? Fire Chizik immediately after winning the crown in Phoenix?
Jacobs has proven to be ill-equipped as AD, but he has also been the victim of bad circumstance.
Whatever the case, all of Jacobs’ eggs now rest in the Gus Malzahn basket. Jacobs better pray the Easter Bunny hooked him up this year.
In keeping with the AD theme, how about what Louisville has done this year?
The Cardinals whipped up on SEC power Florida in the Sugar Bowl, currently have a top ten baseball team, reached the Final Four in men’s hoops (again) and the women’s team just defeated powerhouse Baylor.
If Jacobs is skewered for AU’s woes, then Louisville’s Tom Jurich deserves a lifetime contract based on 2012-13 alone!
I have played and seen a lot of basketball in my time.
I have never, ever seen an injury like the one Louisville’s Kevin Ware suffered Sunday.
No doubt you have seen the replays so there is no need to describe the carnage.
Those types of injuries are usually reserved for more contact-laden sports and it was a shock to see it happen on the basketball court.
In 2011, Alabama played Wichita State for the championship of the NIT.
Two years later, WSU is in the Final Four and Alabama is losing at home for the right to go to the NIT Final Four. Just saying.
Finally, a few words about Mal Moore.
When I received word that Moore was being transported to North Carolina a week or so ago I knew the situation was dire so his passing Saturday did not come as a huge shock.
While my prayers are with his family in this time of mourning, I am happy to report that my first thought after learning the news was that Moore lead his ideal life.
How many of us can one day say that we did what we loved for an institution we loved even more?
Moore’s legacy will always be centered around his hiring of Nick Saban and the return of Alabama to the top of the football world, but for now I choose to remembered him as a man who got to live his dream.
Laundry colors divide this state 365 days a year, but even Auburn faithful have to respect a true Southern gentleman like Mal Moore.
Robinson is a sports columnist for The Outlook.