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Give $10 for 10 good reasons

Published 11:10am Friday, March 29, 2013

By Anne Rye, guest columnist

Most of us identify with “why” a program exists. After all, there are wonderful marketing talents that get the word out and entice us to be part of an idea. However, few of us truly understand how such initiatives sustain themselves over the years.

One such program is the Alexander City Chamber of Commerce Gateway Foundation Scholarship.

Upon the Gateway Foundation Scholarship’s initial kick-off, it was evident that this program would provide a tremendous opportunity for the students of Benjamin Russell High School, allowing many an avenue to receive 64 credit hours of college education with no financial obligation.

To further its effects, it’s an obvious win for our community. By providing a means for a higher level of education, we say a lot about our character and the sacrifice we make to ensure that the best talent is available for existing and prospective employers of Alexander City.  The economic effect of this program means that industries, who need bright stars with fresh ideas and energy, will consider locating their organization here over our competition because, as a community, we care about making those who choose to invest here successful.

We are willing to invest in our future so that businesses will invest with us!

For nine years now, we have provided academic and technical educational opportunity to over 300 students amounting to over $1 million.  In return, the Gateway Foundation asks that the recipient do their part by maintaining the necessary grade point average to keep their scholarship.

By providing the funding for the education, the stress of being distracted by a job is hopefully removed. With this in mind, the student can choose to focus on performing at their best and truly enjoy the learning process.

Wow! What a gift, considering the United States student loan debt surpassed the national credit card debt in the spring of 2012.

As families sit down this spring and face the realities of sending their child to college, the Gateway Foundation Scholarship program must be considered as an amazing program that is highly unique to Alexander City.  Parents may have sacrificed for years to feed their child’s college fund of choice, and because of those sacrifices I am sure they will have some demands on their child in regards to grades and behavior.

For those reasons, the parent’s planning and the Gateway Foundation Scholarship program are very similar.

However, there is one difference. A parent’s financial obligation has an end in sight.  When their child finishes school, the parent is relieved from college tuition expense.  With Gateway Foundation, we must continue to fund the program and remind ourselves of our commitment to future students and their impact on our workforce.

The Chamber of Commerce is excited about the future of our economic climate and the attractive workforce that is enhanced by our Gateway Foundation Scholarship.  Consider making a tax deductible $10 donation today for the following ten reasons:

1. Providing opportunity for education

2. Investing in our future

3. Creating a more attractive and skilled workforce

4. Attracting business to our area because of our commitment to education

5. Education provides skills necessary for financial independence

6. Confidence is gained through  the educational process

7. A small (or large) donation continues positive direction for our community

8. Encouraging our youth to stay in Alexander City

9. Matching grant opportunities when we support the program locally


Let’s join as a community by giving just a little to make a huge impact on our future!  Please refocus your commitment by giving $10 to the Gateway Foundation.

Your donation can be mailed to:

The Chamber of Commerce

120 Tallapoosa St.

Alexander City, AL 35010

Better yet, drop it off personally. The Chamber wants to give you a BIG THANK YOU for your support in sustaining the program.

Rye is a guest columnist for The Outlook.