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Spring brings desire to clean

Published 12:38pm Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I packed away all the winter decorations from my house this weekend. I think spring has officially sprung.

The weather is still a little chilly for short sleeves and sandals, but there is one spring tradition that I can’t stop thinking about.

Spring cleaning.

Cleaning is fighting a losing battle at our house. It seems the moment I get the dishes washed, it’s time to cook a meal, and then the sink is full of dirty dishes again. Laundry is a vicious cleaning cycle. And don’t even get me started on dusting – I’m not sure of the last time I did it.

My mother would be horrified – and might be, in reality, if I don’t make some cleaning headway before she and my father come to visit this weekend.

She certainly raised me better. It’s just hard to keep up with the household chores, sometimes, with a 10-hour workday (when you include the commute).

But spring cleaning. Ah. It’s an idea that beckons to the stir-crazy and those with cabin fever. It’s like this bright, beautiful chance to clean like your life depends on it and get started on the right foot as winter gives way to warmer weather.

I long to throw open all the doors and windows and let the smell of fresh blooms mix with the scent of lemon Pledge and dish detergent. I want to steam clean my kitchen floors until they shine and run every stitch of fabric in my home through the washing machine. Not to mention how very ready I am to throw out the junk that is trying to take over my guest bedroom – papers and notebooks and broken things and so on.

I’ll tear through that house like the Looney Tunes Tasmanian devil, cleaving everything spic-and-span.

I don’t know from where this primal urge to clean and organize comes, but I’m ready to heed it and cleanse my house from top to bottom.

If springtime carries the connotation of cleaning for you as well, there are scores of websites aimed at helping you make a checklist to tackle the areas of your home that need it the most. So choose a Saturday – or, if necessary, two or three Saturdays – to roll up those sleeves and get crackin’.

It just might be cathartic, and it will certainly help allay other potential problems like pests, mold, allergies and lost items.

If you’re like me, you don’t necessarily enjoy cleaning, but you love a clean house.

Whistle while you work and just do it.

James is staff writer for The Outook.