Jerry Huff opened Lumber Jocks in Dadeville to hand down to his daughter, Kathy Humphrey. | Alison James
Jerry Huff opened Lumber Jocks in Dadeville to hand down to his daughter, Kathy Humphrey. | Alison James

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Dadeville welcomes woodworking business

Published 11:05am Thursday, March 21, 2013

Family businesses have to start somewhere, and Lumber Jocks is a new business geared toward starting such a tradition.

Jerry Huff, by his own admission, already has too many irons in the fire, but starting a woodworking business was an idea he couldn’t shake.

“He’s always done construction,” said Kathy Humphrey, Huff’s daughter. “He’s talked about (opening a business) for a couple of years, and the first of this year he said, ‘I’m going to do it.’”

And he did – in the building at the intersection of South and Broadnax streets, which used to house different grocery stores, a feed store and, most recently, a lawnmower store.

“You couldn’t walk in and touch anything without having grease all over you,” Huff said.

But after a little cleaning and remodeling, Lumber Jocks is now opening with a building full of handmade tables, rockers, birdhouses and rose trellises, along with other odds and ends.

“I wanted to get Kathy started in business,” Huff said. “She cleans houses and she goes all over the county … we’re trying to just get her something started here where she won’t have to go all over the county to work.”

The business also boasts a tanning bed and – coming soon – a produce section. Humphrey also makes colorful mesh wreaths to sell.

“I’m into crafts – the wreaths – and I put the finishing touches on what the guys do,” Humphrey said. “I do the staining and the painting.”

And the inventory will keep growing, as Humphrey’s husband Derek Humphrey joins the woodworking trade, in addition to working as a firefighter.

“I’ve got a grandson who’s 16, and I’m getting him into it,” Huff said. “I’m just hoping it’ll be a big family business, if I can get enough of them to fall in behind me and put the hours in.”

Kathy said the name of the business came to them in a moment of inspiration – lumber because it’s a woodworking business, and jocks because “the ball field is right there, and on the side of the building we’re planning to put the big Dadeville ‘D,’” Kathy said.

Huff said he thinks the business will be successful.

“It’s going to take us a little while to really get going,” Huff said. “A year from now I think it will be booming. We’re going to be shipping all over the place.”

For more information, visit Lumber Jocks’ Facebook page or call 256-825-9950.