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A few pre-Madness musings

Published 10:28am Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A few odd and end thoughts heading into the NCAA tournament…
n If the NCAA Tournament is soooooo much more fair than the BCS system, can someone explain this to me: Sunday, when one of the NCAA tourney chairmen was asked why Oregon was not higher than a 12 seed (when by all rights the Ducks should have been), he replied by saying that they had to seed Oregon that low due to logistics.
So, forget about what seeding your team actually earned — in the committees’ eyes, it’s OK to give you a worse draw in the tournament because of travel issues!
n For a few years, there have been whispers that many of the bigger schools in the country may eventually break off from the NCAA and form their own entity.
I don’t think the NCAA did themselves any favors in that regard by snubbing many of the power conference squads from the tourney.
Middle Tennessee State and LaSalle get in over the likes of Tennessee, Kentucky, Maryland, Virginia and Alabama.
By the way, can NCAA tourney folks just admit this “first four” play-in game scenario is just plain dumb?
n How about this fact: No team from Utah, Texas or Alabama made the NCAA dance field.
Utah may not seem like such a shocker, but the Utes, Utah State and BYU have had varying degrees of success over the years.
For Texas, there is absolutely no excuse in not sending a team.
A state with unlimited inherent advantages can’t get ONE team in the field?
That’s like Bill Gates not having enough cash to buy something off the Wendy’s value menu.
The absence of the Yellowhammer State should really come as no surprise, though.
UAB hasn’t been relevant in awhile, Auburn is a total train wreck and Alabama is mired in NIT mediocrity.
While the latter two teams probably won’t need to make March plans for a few years, the Crimson Tide program needs to do something in order to create a spark in interest.
The only thing worse than fans being upset with a program’s direction is the fans being totally apathetic about a program’s direction.
Unless Alabam coach Anthony Grant begins showing some signs of life of the sidelines, I doubt the fans begin showing any in the stands.
n I guess now I will give you my Final Four picks even though I have less enthusiasm about this particular March Madness than ever before.
In the Midwest, I’ll ride the hot hand and take Louisville.
In the South bracket, get your jorts and suntan lotion out because the Gators will be in Atlanta.
The East and West will send Gonzaga and Syracuse, respectively.
The Florida Gators will eventually be your national champs, I predict.
Hey, it’s still the SEC, baby!
Robinson is a sports columnist for The Outlook.