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Young is loyal, honest, faithful judge

Published 12:39pm Friday, March 15, 2013

Dear editor,

Tom Young is a judge that all Americans can be proud of.

He took the oath that so many others have taken and let the people down.

Judge Young is a man who loves the people – all people. He stands for justice, and he will decide cases on the evidence only. He doesn’t cater to anyone.

He loves his job, and the decisions he makes will be according to the law, which he holds so dear.

This is not a marked man – he has no stripes. His reputation is not tarnished. This is one judge who needs to be in Washington.

When he is getting ready for court after all the jury selection has taken place, Judge Young does something no other judge does. He walks out on the floor, instead of taking the bench, and introduces himself to the jurors and the people. When he finishes speaking, we know where he finished law school, and we know about his family. This is who Tom Young is – everything about this man is open.

So people, this is one man that can’t be bought.

No one can make this man turn his back on the people who he represents or the law – not even the supreme court or the Attorney General Luther Strange.

Judge Young is an honest man and a fair man, and I love the job he does. He represents his district well.

There are things to be learned here. These judges are to make decisions according to the evidence that is placed in front of them, and if there is not enough evidence, Judge Young will rule in the best and fair way.

This is one judge who has a style of his own. He judgeship is honorable and clean. You will find no fault in Judge Young.

We love and honor him and are glad to have the pleasure of knowing him in Tallapoosa County.

Arlean Wyckoff