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Council debates arrangements for new city hall

Published 2:04pm Thursday, March 14, 2013

McKelvey Chevrolet building, soon to become the new city hall, was a topic of discussion at the regular Dadeville City Council meeting Tuesday.

“We’ve met with the architect on several occasions,” said councilman Mickey Tarpley.

Tarpley said they have pinpointed a number of issues with the building that must be resolved and made plans that should be put in place before it becomes city hall.

“We have to bring it up to handicap standards,” Tarpley said. “There is no drive-thru window – we talked through putting in a drive-thru window or a pneumatic tube. And rather than doing a totally separate auditorium type room, we talked about portable walls that could be moved from time to time, and it will seat … a large group.”

Tarpley said making sure accommodations are available for an ample number of offices and a concrete vault are also issues.

City clerk Mike Gardner said discussion with the McKelveys has revealed that the 10-ton heating and cooling unit will need to be replaced.

“There have been a lot of hours put into this so far,” Tarpley said. “That’s where it stands. We do not have a total cost of the renovation as of yet.”

The council also discussed the possibility of having the renovations done by inmates through the Department of Corrections.

“They come in and renovate a building at a much lower cost than what you could get bidding it out,” said city attorney Robin Reynolds. “It would save the city a lot of money, and it’s under the supervision of Department of Corrections employees. The courthouse in Alexander City was renovated almost exclusively with that type of labor.”

The council agreed to look into the idea and find out if the McKelvey building renovations would be a potential project for work by the inmates.

Also at the council meeting was discussion about a grant the city applied for under disaster mitigation to purchase a generator for the sewer lift station at the lagoon in Dadeville.

At a previous meeting, Smith questioned why the city was required to put up matching funds – $26,000 – for the grant for a generator to benefit water and sewer.

“The contracts have been signed by the city of Dadeville, and the city is legally responsible for those contracts,” Reynolds said.

Smith said he thought the water and sewer board should be responsible for putting up funds for the grant – just like it assumed responsibility for the bonds that were once obtained for the water and sewer board but under the joint responsibility of the city, water and sewer board and gas board.

“Any grant that’s made has to go through the city – regardless of whether it’s the gas department or the sewage department or the water department,” Smith said. “We have to guarantee it, but … the way I understand it, whenever they formed the water and sewer board, they took over all the debts and all the equipment.”

Reynolds said he has recommended to the water and sewer board that they form a committee to meet with the council to discuss the payment of the matching funds.

In the meantime, however, payment has to be made.

“You’ll be in breach of contract – you’ve signed the contracts on behalf of the city,” Reynolds said. “It needs to be paid and then work out the arrangements for reimbursement of matching funds through the council and the water and sewer board.”

The council also:

- was introduced to the new firefighter for the Dadeville Fire Department, Jeanna Brewer

- decided to put off voting on whether to buy a computer for Fire Chief Kenneth Thompson until the return of the city audit

- heard an update from the Dadeville Public Library librarian Abbigale Mangarelli, including upcoming events, like the summer reading program and a book signing, and a change in the library’s hours, which will now include from 2–6 p.m. Wednesday starting April 3

- voted to allow Marty Daniel an on-premise beer, wine and liquor license for his restaurant, Major Dade’s Place