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Council begins search to fill city BOE seat

Published 10:37am Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Alexander City Board of Education will soon have a vacant seat as board member Fred Norris’ term comes to a close, and the city council is seeking candidates to fill the position.

Applications can be picked up from City Clerk Harriett Scott at city hall and must be returned to Scott’s office by April 1 at 5 p.m.

Council President Bob Howard said the city council will review the applications and then begin the next steps in the selection process.

“We will take those applications and schedule times for those people to interview,” Howard said. “The way we did it the last three years was that we worked up a series of questions that we let Mayor Young ask. Then the councilpeople could ask a follow-up question. From (those interviews), we will select the new (board) member. “

According to the Alabama Code of 1975, the city council’s appointed board of education member will begin his or her full term in June, with the term lasting for five years. Board vacancies are staggered so one vacancy occurs each year.

Applicants must be a resident of Alexander City, be a qualified voter, not be a member of the city council or county commission, be of good character and capable of discharging all duties assigned to the board and not in any way be subject to the authority of the board.

The council will vote on the new board member during its April 22 meeting, and the member will officially take office during the June board of education meeting.

“During our search for a superintendent, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from the agency helping the board about what a desirable system this is,” Howard said. “That’s a tribute to the board we’ve had over the years – we’ve had people who really have the school system at heart. We’re just looking for the best candidates we can get.”