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Well done to Stephens Elementary

Published 12:01pm Friday, March 8, 2013

Dear Editor,

I would like to applaud the staff and students at Stephens Elementary School for putting on an outstanding history program on Feb. 28, depicting African Americans, who have played important roles in shaping the United States of America.

The theme, “Reaching Back, Moving Forward,” was ideal for the way the students role played Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama as well as Martin Luther King Jr.

I believe if Dr. King and some of the slaves or many others who achieved great heights with the help of citizens both black and white had been present to see the enactment done by the Stephens students, their hearts would have leapt for joy that as a nation – once so divided – we are daring to come together, to love together, to work together and to help one another, regardless of race, color or creed.

It was wonderful to see black, white and other races of children, parents and grandparents and friends unite together to share about a people’s history that is American History and sing spiritual songs and demonstrate praises of our ancestors.

Guest speaker Brandon Morgan, a very eloquent, spirited 25-year-old, shared history that included the contributions of African Americans, capturing the audience’s attention. He did so with such compassion that those of any race did not have to feel guilt or past shame because of how unfairly slaves and African Americans were treated years ago.

He told us that we should never give up dreaming and setting goals.

The statement to us was this: American History is Black History and Black History is American History.

Hats off to Kim Smith, principal; Julia Abrams, assistant principal; and the staff for allowing the children and community to grow and learn about the history of America, of all races. We appreciate the history lesson.


Teresa Harrell Moten