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Thanks for support, memories

Published 12:00pm Friday, March 8, 2013

I write this column knowing that I have been removed from the sports page for about three months.

With my new marketing and sales job in the advertising department, we hit the ground running as soon as I fully walked into the back room here at TPI, and I haven’t had an opportunity to write anything since.

Taking the time to thank my readers and followers from my nearly two years as the sports editor for The Outlook is something that has been on my schedule – so I decided to go all “carpe diem” on today’s readers.

My passion for sports at the high school level helped lead me to the job at The Outlook in April of 2011, and it evolved into everything that I could have possibly imagined, both the ups and downs.

Sports in this area of Alabama are some of the tops in the state, and I was proud to have served my readers with the best information possible.

From football to girls volleyball and everything in between, if I had the opportunity to tell a story and promote the successes of a student athlete, I would take it.

With being a sports writer comes both sad and happy, informational and feature and, at times, maybe factual or fantasy stories that might appear on the sports page. Different ways of telling stories keep a sports page fresh and keep the reader seeing a different point of view. When telling a story, a different aspect can always be appreciated.

The sports editor before me, Dusty Harper, wrote a similar column to the one that I am writing now, taking time to thank Alex City for the loyalty and support for sports news, so I wanted to do the same.

The sports department has been turned over to Ed Bailey, who has the same mindset toward local athletics that was passed down to me, and he is in the midst of the hectic spring season. If any of my consistent readers or faithful ‘insiders’ see him out at an event, feel free to introduce yourself and shake his hand. An important aspect of making sure he becomes a good sports writer for The Outlook is getting him in touch with the community. I know this because I was once in his shoes.

To all the coaches who gave me a quote for a story, all the players who let me know what was really going on behind the scenes, all the parents who made sure I had names spelled correctly and all the fans that found their time worthy of turning to the sports page for the past two years, I tip my hat.

Cowart is a staff writer for The Outlook and works as an advertising representative.