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Changes coming to ACPD

Published 12:45pm Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Council authorizes amendments to personnel structure

There are some changes in the works at the Alexander City Police Department.

The Alexander City Council approved the changes, which amended the department’s personnel authorization list, during Monday’s council meeting.

“One of the major things we did was convert an officer position into a sergeant position,” said ACPD Chief Charles Rafford.

Rafford said that there are currently five sergeant positions at the department. Rafford said an additional sergeant position was needed for the detective bureau.

“Our detective bureau encompasses our criminal detectives, their commander and a detective corporal,” Rafford said. “We also have the narcotics task force and crime interdiction task force that all comes under that division. With that number of personnel working in the detective bureau, we needed some more supervision.”

Rafford said the department currently has 49 sworn officers and 17 civilian personnel. Rafford said the change will not add any additional sworn officers.

There will be a few changes in the dispatch center as well, Rafford said.

“We have created two communications training officer positions designated for our senior dispatchers, who have taken an interest in being responsible for the ongoing training in communications,” Rafford said. “They are responsible for training all new dispatchers, including our part-time dispatchers. They are also responsible for the ongoing training that is required every year.”

Rafford said that two dispatchers have been trained through the 9-1-1 Board as certified communication training officers.

“Up to this point, we have not recognized how much extra work they put in for communications and the 9-1-1 center,” Rafford said. “This gives us a chance to designate them (as training officers) and give them a different pay grade that reflects their workload and their extra responsibilities. Plus, this gives our other dispatchers a position to aspire to.”

Rafford said Karen Royster and Donna Peppers have been named as the new communications training officers.

Rafford said they are currently process of promoting officers to fill a variety of open positions in the department, including the newly created detective sergeant position.

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