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First Presbyterian commemorates its 120th anniversary

Published 12:30pm Tuesday, March 5, 2013

First Presbyterian Church celebrated its 120th anniversary this weekend, with three generations of members in attendance.

Robert Lamborne, choir director, said the event also coincided with the second annual choir reunion.

“We invited members that had sung in years gone by to come join us – a total of 37 members were able to participate in the music program,” Lamborne said. “I told the choir that was there that some had watched me grow up, and I had watched others grow up. It was very good to see the old members.”

Lamborne said he was born in raised in the church, and had officially a member for 45 years. Lamborne said that while it was quite an undertaking to organize such an event, he believe the anniversary celebration went well.

“They did an outstanding job with the music,” Lamborne said. “I laid awake a few nights wondering whether we would pull it off, but it all went well.”

Mary Lloyd White, an elder at the church, said the church has a long history.

“The church was founded in March 2, 1893 by a group of 17 Presbyterians who met at the home of Robert Clinton Sandlin,” White said. “Sandlin is the great grandfather of Temple and Walter Coley and grandfather of Robert White, who are both still members of the church.”

The church moved to its current location on Jefferson Street in 1959, White said. Prior to that, the church was in what is now the law office of Morris, Haynes and Hornbsy – which is one of the only buildings that survived the fire of 1902 which devastated downtown Alexander City.

White, who has been a First Prebstyrian member since 1959, said the service was moving.

“It was certainly very inspiring to see several generations of choir members,” White said. “I think it was also equally inspiring that the church is celebrating its 120th anniversary.”

Lamborne said the anniversary celebration included a luncheon, as well as an art gallery that is still ongoing at the church.

Those interested in seeing the artwork of First Presbyterian members can visit the church during the week from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.