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Roadwork waits on weather

Published 12:07pm Saturday, March 2, 2013

Construction crews began work on repaving AL Highway 63 from U.S. Highway 280 to Five Points last year.

There is still more work to be done before the project is completed, but Jeff Harte, supervisor with Gary Ingram Grading and Paving, said it is still too cold to start work again.

“The rest of the job will be to put the final layer of asphalt, the finish coat, on the road,” Harte said. “We are probably several weeks away depending on what the weather does for us.”

Harte said the weather plays a big role in the success of road resurfacing projects.

“Different mixes of asphalt have different minimum temperature requirements,” Harte said. “You don’t want to work at the absolute minimum. You want to work at the higher end of the temperature range. If you put it down when it is too cold, it is difficult to work with and doesn’t give the best results.”

Harte said temperatures need to start reaching the optimum range early in the day before they begin.

“We need to wait until the temperature is high enough early so we can get out there and get as much done each day as possible,” Harte said. “The finish coat usually goes fairly quickly, unless we run into any unforeseen problems.”

Once the project begins, Harte said he hopes citizens will be patient throughout the process, as traffic flow will change through construction zones.

“It is an obstruction, but we only block of the roadway we need, though it may look like we block off a lot more,” Harte said. “We are going to do our job and do it right.”