The First Presbyterian Day School celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday Friday with storytime and cake. The Cat in the Hat was on hand to read some of Seuss’ most notable stories, and students sang Happy Birthday. | Laura Pemberton
Jamie Forbus, assistant principal at Jim Pearson Elementary School, presents Caleb Montgomery with his iPod touch. | Laura Pemberton

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Jim Pearson raises $12K from soda sales

Published 11:51am Saturday, March 2, 2013

Caleb Montgomery is now the proud owner of a new iPod touch thanks to being the top fundraiser at Jim Pearson Elementary School.

“I really like my iPod,” Caleb said. “I was excited to win.”

Caleb, a first-grader at Jim Pearson, sold 121 cases of Coca-Cola products to be the school’s top-seller for the annual fundraiser.

“He was all smiles when he found out he won,” said Jamie Forbus, assistant principal at Jim Pearson. “(Caleb is) very polite and well-mannered. He never said he was selling this many. He just quietly did it.”

Forbus said Caleb was the top fundraiser by a long shot.

“The closest person to Caleb was 50 cases away,” Forbus said. “I’ve been in the school system for seven years, and I cannot recall anyone selling 121 cases.”

Forbus said the $12,000 raised by this year’s fundraiser would be put in the school’s general fund and help to cover operating expenses for the school.

“It buys things like cleaning products and paper products and helps with copy expenses,” Forbus said. “It pays for things we have to buy in order to run a school that aren’t earmarked in the funds we receive from the state and federal government. It really fills in the gaps of our budget.”

He said he appreciates the hard work of all the students and all of those who supported them.

“We appreciate all the support from parents and people in the community who bought cokes from our kids,” Forbus said. “This fundraiser not only benefits the school, it also helps kids learn civic responsibility and school pride.”