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High school reunion works out in end

Published 11:55am Friday, March 1, 2013

My ten year reunion, held last Saturday in downtown Alexander City at Carlos’s Mexican Grill, exceeded my wildest expectations.

I carried the burden of worry for weeks. I breathed in and out (not really. I was a stressed out hot mess and if you asked, I would tell you all about it). However, I knew what I have always known: the recipe for any winning party, no matter how big or small, is two part – good music and good cocktails (which you do not run out of).

I had the band covered and trusted my contact at Music Garden. Heart 2 Heart, a motown band out of Atlanta, would proceed to keep a crowd of more than 100 strong on the dance floor for hours. Carlos’s had the cocktails covered.

The classmates came in droves, and Brandon Taunton claimed it was the best day of his life. How can you top that?

The high points of the evening included a long haired Rob Croley taking the mic – I had no idea he could sing. Nathaniel Dansby sang our class song, Boyz II Men’s It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye, every bit as well the day he sang it over the loud speaker on the last day of senior year. The crowd went wild.

I remember leaning in the doorway of the dining area looking at all of my old classmates as they milled around tables noshing on quesadillas and catching up on years gone by. There was not one person without a smile on their face.

It had come together perfectly. If you have seen a picture or two on Facebook, do not judge. We got sweaty on the dance floor!

I highly recommend Ceasar, his staff and their space for your next event. It was awesome and already decorated! I did not do anything but show up and pay folks.

Keep it simple when planning a party and remember In the Loop’s cardinal rules: good music and good cocktails.

Last Sunday, post reunion, was both gorgeous and warm. John and I dragged the canoe down to the water for its second voyage. With a cooler (see cardinal rules above) and a JamBox (portable wireless radio that streams music from Iphones – get one or give one because it’s a great item), we set sail (or set paddle?).

We wrapped around a few sloughs before cutting across the lake from Willow Point to a sandy stretch of land.

We landed here and looked for arrowheads. We found none. I kicked at the red Alabama mud with one yellow rain boot while telling John I was on an archeological dig.

On the return paddle, we decided to switch ends. I moved to the front of the canoe and John took the back. The position in back is in charge of ‘steering,’ and well, I get distracted and forget to ‘steer.’

“I like this better, ” I said. “It has a better view.”

“I agree,” John said with a smile.

With our newly cemented roles in the world of canoeing, it should not be too long before we take it to the river. Stay tuned!

The ladies who lunch were out and about at Jake’s in downtown Alex City taking in the Russell Medical Center Foundation Fashion Show. The show is designed to celebrate American Hearth Month and Heart Health for Women.

Dr. Kevin Sublett of Cardiology of Central Alabama spoke before gaggles of gorgeous women. I worked it in a hot maxi from Little Black Dress. It was a huge success, and everyone in attendance had a blast.

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