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Weather stalls New Site project

Published 11:58am Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ball season has begun, and just one thing is keeping New Site from stepping up to the home plate – the recreational park parking lot.

“The county is ready to finish that parking lot if they can get some help from the weather,” said Mayor Curtis Mims at the New Site Town Council meeting Monday. “The high school is going to want to use it March 16 for a tournament.”

The lot received one coat of tar and gravel from the county as part of routine maintenance, but a necessary second coat has been stalled by the cold weather.

Council members agreed that visitors to the recreation park should not be permitted to use the lot until the second coat of tar and gravel has been laid.

“I think we need to get the county to put up more barricades before (ball practice begins) because if you have what’s there right now it’s not going to stop anybody,” said councilman Thomas Turner, referring to the construction barrels that currently block the entrance to the lot.  “We need to put something all the way across – chains, more barricades – and force them to go up to the top parking lot.”

Commissioner Frank Tapley said after the first coat when down in the fall, the weather has not yet been conducive to completing the project.

“You cannot put the next coat on it until it (stays above) about 50 degrees at night,” Tapley said. “I don’t want to lose all that tar and gravel … If it gets below 50 degrees at night, it’ll do just like peanut brittle – the gravel will come right back off of it.”

Council members agreed blocking the parking lot was a necessary inconvenience.

“We want it to look good when everybody comes to see the games,” said councilman Michael East.

The council also voted to allow Stanley Voss to install handrails for the new set of steps at the Recreational Park.

The next town council meeting will be March 11.