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Brawl? Sho’nuff

Published 11:03am Monday, February 25, 2013

Two Alexander City residents were arrested outside Sho’Nuff Barbecue Thursday night after a fight broke out in the parking lot.

According to Officer Randy Stroup with Alexander City Police Department, two officers with the Crime Interdiction Task Force were inside the restaurant eating when they heard a commotion outside.

“(Officers Robert Oliver and Troy Middlebrooks) went outside to check on the situation and observed a female falling to the ground,” Stroup said. “The officers checked on the female and called for an ambulance when they observed a male running from the scene.”

Middlebrooks pursued the suspect on foot an eventually caught up and took Josh Renardo Robinson, 36, of Alexander City into custody.

Once Robinson was handcuffed, officers began investigating the incident. It was at that point that a neutral witness came forward, claiming to have observed the entire incident.

“The witness said (he or she) saw the female hitting the male continuously,” Stroup said. “The witness was driving through the parking lot when they saw the fighting break out.”

Stroup said due to injuries found on both individuals, both were arrested.

Tara Robinson, 30, of Alexander City, and J. Robinson were both charged with domestic violence, third degree, and transported to Alexander City Jail.

“Dual arrests are not that common,” Stroup said. “Usually, there is one victim and one offender.”

Domestic violence, third degree, is a Class A misdemeanor.