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State sales tax holiday starts today

Published 12:23pm Friday, February 22, 2013

A severe weather sales tax holiday will be held Feb. 22–24, and Alexander City is participating by waiving municipal sales tax.

Severe Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday became mandated by state law last year through the Alabama Department of Revenue, providing an opportunity for Alabamians to stock up on items they might need during a weather emergency.

The holiday waives the Alabama state tax of 4 percent and also gives municipalities and counties the opportunity to waive local sales tax.

According to ADOR, exempt items include a wide range of severe weather preparedness merchandise, including batteries, portable radios, flash lights, lanterns, tarps, plastic sheeting, bungee cords, rope, duct tape, plywood, non-electric can openers, ice packs and smoke detectors. For a full list of exempted items, visit and click on the Severe Weather Preparedness link.

In its Jan. 14 meeting the Tallapoosa County Commission opted not to participate in the tax holiday – not to waive the county’s 1 percent sales tax.

Alexander City City Council voted to waive city tax for the weekend, adopting an ordinance to that effect.

“It’s important that people get a deal on these items so they can be better prepared during severe weather,” said Mayor Charles Shaw. “This could possibly save their lives.”