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Let’s talk about Dale County

Published 12:35pm Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dear editor,

I want to welcome home little Ethan. His situation alone with the fatal bus driver had all eyes around the world on Alabama.

The media covered this story the whole week, day and night, keeping the world informed.

Question – where were Gov. Bentley and Rep. Martha Roby?

The people in Alabama don’t have Republican leadership – only a few. This was a middle class family, so it didn’t deserve attention.

I’m proud to be a Democrat because they represent the people – all the people – in the district.

This was a teachable moment for the people in Alabama. If sheriffs can call in the FBI to help them in a serious situation as this one was, then we don’t need a governor that is going to sit this one out.

I thank all the law enforcement that came to Dale County to help bring this child home.

Question – why was this road that a bus traveled on weekdays still a dirt road? The law was passed years ago that all roads that the bus travels had to be paved.

I’m glad the world was watching because life is important, regardless of whether it’s rich or poor.

Thanks to everyone that played a role, including the Red Cross and the pastor that let them use the church. That is what people do for all – not some, but all.

Arlean Wyckoff