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The Wards need your assistance

Published 11:52am Friday, February 15, 2013

By Dave Jennings

As many of you know, a past CACC golfer of mine, Nick Ward, who transferred to Georgia Southern University after two years in Alexander City at CACC, was struck by a car driven by a drunk driver in Statesboro, Ga. last Thursday night as he was walking home from work.
The driver was speeding and went out of control, jumping a curb hitting Nick from behind and throwing him 150 feet where he landed on the back of his head on concrete.
Nick was airlifted to Memorial Hospital in Savannah where he still lies in ICU in a coma, with multiple broken and fractured bones.
Fortunately, he has survived the last couple nights, but he is far from being in the safe zone.
Presently, the good news is that he has lived through the past few days, his internal organs are operating normally and he has no damage to his spinal cord.
At the moment, Nick is on 100% life-support.
I joined many of Nick’s family members, friends and a few of his past CACC teammates from Friday through Sunday, where we all prayed for his healing and awakening.
Nick’s neuro-surgeon and the rest of the medical team decided that Nick was better off in the coma after such trauma and will remain so until all vital signs are safe enough to lower the meds.
The main issue which everyone is mostly concerned is the head injury.  It is vital for Nick’s survival that they keep the swelling of his brain down.
It is a medical juggling act, but God is truly in charge of Nick’s survival and to what level he may return to us.
I ask for you to consider in helping the Ward family at this time.
Nick’s parents are Jim and Cynthia, and wonderful people.  Three years ago, the family was hit hard financially as Jim lost his job.
He had been in the banking industry since college but since that time, Jim has not been able to find work within his industry and is now selling automobiles at a dealership in the Atlanta area on a commission only business.
Nick’s mother Cynthia is a high school student counselor in Fayetteville, Ga.
The tragic accident with their son Nick will certainly hit their pocketbooks severely and this wonderful family may be in desperate straits without the help from good people.
If you are able to share a blessing by writing a check of any amount to help this family, I would deeply appreciate it.
Unfortunately, this is not tax deductible to my knowledge, but plainly a goodwill gesture for good people.
Please make your check payable to “The Ward Family.”
You can mail your check to my attention and I would be proud to deliver these kind-hearted checks to Jim & Cynthia.
Please mail to: Coach Dave Jennings, CACC, 1675 Cherokee Rd., Alexander City, AL 35010
I also ask that you place Nick Ward and his family on your prayer list.
Thank you for your care and assistance to this family in their time of need.
Jennings is the golf coach at CACC.