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City council to begin holding work sessions

Published 11:53am Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dadeville City Council will soon meet 30 minutes earlier on regularly scheduled meeting days with the implementation of a pre-council work session.

“Nearly all cities have a work session,” said Mayor Joe Smith. “It’s just to discuss everything on the agenda.”

The work session was part of a motion by Councilman Mickey Tarpley, who also moved that people who wish to be on the agenda should make that request by Friday at noon and the agenda should be posted by Friday evening.

“Then we’ve got over the weekend and Monday and Tuesday to discuss and hear what people have to say as far as the council is concerned,” Tarpley said.

Tarpley also spoke in favor of the work session, saying it would be a good opportunity to make sure people know what the council is talking about and for the council to discuss issues more fully.

“The work session is just a preliminary planning session to hash some things out,” Tarpley said. “It would be an open forum.”

Work sessions are open to the public, and the council will not vote on anything until the official start to the meeting at 5 p.m.

The council also discussed helping fund the cost of the concrete pad outdoor basketball court at Dadeville Elementary School.

“I talked to Coach Tolbert,” Councilman Randy Foster said. “They have a contractor who will come in … and pour their 60’ by 40’ pad for $5,000. They are asking us to help as much as we can.”

Foster said although he was not sure how much the city could afford to contribute, one thing to take into consideration is that Jackson’s Gap council agreed to match Dadeville council’s contribution up to $500.

The council also:

- voted to use to sell excess property, vehicles and equipment

- agreed to seek additional estimates on repairs for the fire truck

- suspended the rules and amended Ordinance 482 to allow the council to revert to meeting on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month

- approved two requests to reserve the recreation center

The next scheduled council meeting is Feb. 26.