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Commission debates fate of StillWaters’ Legend golf course

Published 11:47am Tuesday, February 12, 2013

StillWaters’ The Legend golf course may permanently become a thing of the past, depending on how the county commission votes on a petition.

Lynda Robinson of The Closing Agency came before the Tallapoosa County Commission at its regular meeting Monday on behalf of StillWaters Golf and Country Club to petition for the right to vacate The Legend course.

“StillWaters Golf and Country Club bought this golf course as a platted golf course in October of 2003,” Robinson said. “The Legend has not been operated as a golf course and they have had no play on it for almost 10 years.”

Because StillWaters also boasts The Highlands course, formerly the Traditions course, Robinson said the company wanted to vacate The Legend and retain it for other future uses.

Commissioner Emma Jean Thweatt asked what StillWaters intended to do with the vacated property.

“We’re just going to revert it to timberland, and until such time as we find a suitable buyer, it’s just undeveloped property,” said Kendall Zettler, an officer with the StillWaters corporation.

Thweatt also questioned how the residents feel about the plan. Although Robinson said residents have no membership, contracts or recreational use tied to The Legend, Kevin Eason of StillWaters raised his concerns at the meeting.

“There are 400-and-something property owners surrounding that golf course,” Eason said. “The values of their property will greatly reduce if it is unplatted as a golf course … I just think the people who surround the golf course, who bought those houses as being on a golf course – whether it’s closed or open now  – should have some say-so in the vacating of that plat.”

The commission voted to table the petition pending further information on the issue.

The commission also:

- voted on appointments to local water boards and authorities, including those for Walnut Street, Walnut Hill, Hackneyville and Jackson’s Gap.

- voted to allow the sheriff’s department to purchase a replacement vehicle for one that was totaled

- voted to allow the sheriff’s department to purchase three vehicles, which was included in the county budget

- approved a county levy on alcohol licenses

- approved a county levy on property taxes

- approved an updated emergency operation plan for the county

The courthouse will be closed Feb. 18 in observance of President’s Day.