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County bridge projects receive ATRIP funds

Published 11:44am Thursday, February 7, 2013

Two bridges will be replaced in Tallapoosa County as part of the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program (ATRIP) initiative, an Alabama Department of Transportation administered federal aid highway program.

The Hampton Road Bridge at County Line Creek and Oak Heights Road Bridge will both be replaced using funds provided by the initiative and locally matched bonds.

“The Hampton Road Bridge at County Line Creek was the next bridge in line for replacement, and because of ATRIP we’re getting to do that,” said Tallapoosa County engineer David Moore.

Moore said the bridge, which is north of Dadeville, is currently impassible for school buses.

“(The weight limit) is posted as six tons, and a school bus can’t cross anything less than 13 tons,” Moore said. “So school buses have to detour that bridge. The new bridge will not have to be detoured.”

The total cost for the Hampton Rod Bridge replacement will be $459,039.61, according to figures released by ATRIP. Tallapoosa County will sponsor a $91,807.92 bond for bridge replacement, and ATRIP will provide the remaining $367,231.69.

Moore said plans for the bridge replacement have to be submitted by December 2013 and construction will begin sometime during 2014.

The city of Tallassee will sponsor a $91,600 grant for the bridge replacement at Oak Heights Road, with ATRIP providing $366,400.

“It’s in desperate need of replacement,” said Russ Robinson, consulting engineer for Tallassee. “It has weight limits on it now, and this is long overdue.”

Robinson said the bridge is rated at 7/100 and is 80 years old. It gets residential traffic but detours will be used when the bridge is closed.