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‘Single best website’ enables creativity

Published 11:44am Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Super Bowl party consisted of a break from my Scale Back Alabama routine in the form of a full-scale Cajun fest.

I made seafood gumbo from scratch, to-die-for homemade bread pudding complete with bourbon sauce and a batch of hurricanes, which I had to back away from in order to make it into my office by 8 a.m. Monday morning.

Before you think I’m simply bragging on the fact that for once I made a party spread from scratch instead of my usual package to cute platter routine – let me share my secret.


For those of you who have yet to hear about what I consider the single best website I have ever experienced – let me clue you in.

Pinterest is an online pin board that lets you organize things you find on the web. It allows you to save a link for a website with a photo – a real bonus for us visual people.

It works much the same as a social network site, giving you the option to follow your Facebook friends or browse pins uploaded by other users and organized by category.

For instance, before my wedding I created a ‘Happily Ever After’ board – cliché title, I know.

I pinned bridal gowns, hairstyles, bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, food and a ton of decorating ideas. The board allowed my friends to comment on my ideas, and I could get a general sense of what my wedding was going to look like all put together.

I could browse websites, pin board categories and my friends’ pins and put together things I loved – all without having to cut out pictures from magazines, bookmark every single website and hope to remember what photo on a website I was actually interested in anyway.

I now have 16 boards ranging from crafts, party plans, cleaning tips, home decorating ideas, recipes and fitness routines.

At any given time when I log on to the website or app on my iPad or iPhone, I can scroll through the list of my friends’ pins and find things from a picture of a dream kitchen to a photo of and a recipe for homemade bread pudding.

I’m a wanna-be crafter married to an actual builder, so Pinterest projects abound at our house.

We have a porch swing that holds a twin-sized mattress, a monogrammed soap dispenser that I created from a basic Dawn bottle and a potting bench made from free wood pallets.

I may not have crafty ideas on my own, but I can sure follow directions, especially if they have pictures.

Pemberton is a staff writer for The Outlook.