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TPI team scales back for fitness

Published 12:23pm Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cake, doughnuts, milkshakes and delicious fried food become even more tempting once you’ve made a commitment to avoid them.

This year I’ve done something I’ve considered for the past few years – I signed up for Scale Back Alabama. And ever since I did it, my favorite foods have been calling out to me.

Scale Back challenges Alabamians to lose ten pounds in ten weeks. Teams of four compete to drop the pounds and be entered in drawings for cool prizes.

But sometimes the goal grows fuzzy for me, obscured by pizza slices and piles of cookies.

I have the classic weight loss history – gained a lot of weight, got motivated, lost a lot of weight, got complacent, gained it all back … it’s a frustrating cycle.

The thing is, though, that I know I can do it.

And the great thing about Scale Back Alabama is that I have three team members to help keep me on track.

My co-workers at TPI have been great this first week – for comparing food choices, encouraging one another and commiserating together. Our team name is Editing Ourselves – a subtle nod to our careers at Tallapoosa Publishers.

The first question when I came in Monday morning? “What did you eat this weekend?” (I admit I made sure to tell them about the apples, grapes and carrots before I mentioned my Saturday night dinner at Moe’s Southwest Grill).

It’s not always easy to make healthy choices – not nearly as easy as making excuses for why you’re not making healthy choices.

But as one of the most obese states in the nation, it’s time for us to make a change.

My go-to excuse is not having enough time to work out. But let’s be honest – even my commute and workday shouldn’t be enough to keep from a brisk walk or a few minutes of jumping rope. You have time for what you make time for, and it’s about time I use my time more wisely.

Taking the stairs, parking farther away from the door, taking a walk during lunch break – there are plenty of easy ways to squeeze a little extra activity.

There are also plenty of opportunities throughout the city for getting fit. For more on that, check out our upcoming publication, To Your Good Health.

I have until April 6 to prove that my willpower is stronger than my sweet tooth.

That’s nine weeks left of avoiding the candy jar, nixing the bread, upping my physical activity and making good choices.

They say it takes 21 days to build and cement a habit. So by three weeks in I’m hoping this will be more automatic.

If you didn’t sign up for Scale Alabama, you can still make a commitment to start making healthier choices. You don’t have to have made a New Year’s resolution to resolve to do better for yourself.

Watch out for our team around town. If you see me ordering an ice cream at Carlisle’s, I give you permission to stare me down until I change my order to a nice salad.

James is a staff writer for The Outlook.