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‘Everyone must get involved’

Published 12:27pm Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dear editor,

Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. the citizens of Alexander City had an opportunity to talk with the group from the state who are assisting the Board of Education in selecting qualified candidates for the position of superintendent of Alexander City schools.

My wife and I arrived early to ensure we got a place to sit. I was appalled when, at 7 p.m.,  the meeting started and there was a total of 17 people in the room.

Seventeen – in a town of 15,000, only 17 showed up.

Does this mean the people of Alex City don’t care? What’s even sadder is that, of the seventeen present, at most five people had children in grades K–6. At least eight had no children in the school system. Where were the parents of preschoolers? Where were Jim Pearson, Stephens and Radney parents?

Elected officials, school support staff and teachers had already had an opportunity to talk with the committee and we, the 17, were told there had been a good response from those groups.

Now the general public had the chance to ask questions and give opinions on what we wanted to see in the next superintendent. As important a decision as this is, I could not believe only 17 people came to the meeting. The new superintendent will chart the course of the education system in Alex City for the next five to ten years. The survival of Alex City depends on how our young people are educated.

Wake up Alex City! Everyone has to get involved. No one will take action for you. We need everyone in Alex City to get involved. For us to pull ourselves out of the benevolent benefactor rut we have been in for 70 years, everyone must get involved.

For far too long we the public have allowed the important decisions in Alex City to be made by someone else. It’s time to get involved. Join a civic organization. Get your church involved. Be informed and speak out. Wake up before it’s too late.

Woody Baird

De Opresso Liber