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Nation should put human life before guns

Published 12:09pm Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dear Editor,

There’s something I’d like to say to the NRA and the Republican Party.

Let’s talk about courage that the mothers who lost their children have and Gabriel Giffords has. They are bold, stepping out ahead of this problem with the president and vice president and his task force. I love them for this. So much has been taken away from these people.

Supporting guns over human life is immoral and a shame.

I heard a mother say she put two kids on the bus that day and only one of them came home. Doesn’t it break your heart to hear this? Another mother had a handsome son with thick eyebrows – she opened his casket so people could see how the bullets tore his mouth off from his nose down.

These are 6–10-year-old children who are not coming home ever again. These children were slaughtered. They were dead before they hit the floor. Those high-powered bullets – when they hit the target, it explodes. Just think – some of these babies were hit 11 times.

Have mercy here, people – don’t give children this power, to possess these guns and the powerful ammo that go with them. Enough of the madness – show the world that the United States still works for the good of the people.

Mothers should see their children grow up.

These mothers put their grieving into strength and standing up and speaking out, having the voice that they can no longer hear.

We the people will hear their voices and honor their voices and get this done for all the children who have lost their lives to these assault guns and ammo that have no place in this country. Let’s do the right thing and put life before guns.

Arlean Wyckoff