Vivian Adamson, resident at HIllabee Towers, will celebrate her 100th birthday Sunday with family. | Alison James

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Adamson: ‘Still having a good life’ as she approaches 100th birthday

Published 11:07am Saturday, January 19, 2013

In 1913 Woodrow Wilson became president, the world’s largest train station reopened in New York City, the 17th Amendment was ratified and Ford Motor Company introduced the moving assembly line. It was also the year, on Jan. 20, that Hillabee Towers resident Vivian Adamson was born.

“I just think I’ve had an ordinary life,” Adamson said.

Alexander City native Adamson will celebrate her 100th birthday Sunday. The youngest daughter of seven children, Adamson married at age 18 and had four daughters of her own.

“I was a floor lady at Russell – they made sleepers where I worked,” Adamson said.

Adamson said she also used to play basketball on the Russell sports team.

Now she passes her free time reading and watching the news – she moved into Hillabee Towers two years ago.

“After my husband died I stayed in my big ol’ three bedroom house by myself,” Adamson said. “This is a wonderful place to be … We’re friends, all of us – everybody’s so friendly and nice.”

Adamson said her four daughters have been taking care of her – cooking her meals and such.

“The children are waiting on me, but I don’t like to be too waited on,” Adamson said. “I’m a doer.”

She drove her car until a few days after she moved into Hillabee Towers.

“I really miss my car,” Adamson said. “But I’m glad I (gave it up) because I could have had a wreck, and whether it had been my fault or not, it would have been my fault.”

Adamson said her family will come in to help her celebrate her birthday.

“I’ve always had a good life,” Adamson said. “And I’m still having a good life.”

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