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One last look at the college football season that was

Published 12:02pm Thursday, January 17, 2013

Longtime KNXT sports announcer Gil Stratton would always begin his sports report with “Hello everybody, time to call them like we see them.”  Stratton stood about 5’2, and he was an ex -racehorse jockey.
He also attempted to umpire, but that is another story.
Either way, Stratton was entertaining and usually spot-on with his
After reviewing some of my “hits” and “misses,” I have discovered that I am not the “legend in my own mind” prognosticator I thought I was.
As far as the hits, I did have Alabama and Oregon finishing No.1 and No.2.
Sure wish I could stop there, but the show must painfully go on.
I was clearly too enthusiastic about teams like Michigan and Oklahoma, and my disrespect for Stanford has been documented.
The colossal blunder or bad call came with the preseason pick for No.1 going to the USC Trojans.
Thank goodness I was not alone with this bad call. The Trojans stumbled and finished 7-6.
I still maintain that USC had the talent to win it all and might have accomplished that mission if Head- case (no typo here) Lane Kiffin had allowed to deflate more footballs and continued to switch player’s jerseys to deceive the opponents.
Kiffin could have arranged the jersey switch with Alabama, but keeping the Alabama players still inside them, now that would have been a brilliant move.
Final rankings:
1. Alabama 13-1:  Nick Saban accepted my congratulations and was very gracious about it.
2. Oregon 12-1: With Chip Kelly heading to the NFL to coach the Eagles and the Ducks facing some heavy sanctions, perhaps they should enjoy this ranking while they can.
3. Georgia 12-2: My choice to win the SEC next season, as long as Alabama decides to discontinue football.
4. Ohio State 12-0: Only undefeated team that got exactly what they deserved.
5. Notre Dame 12-1: Miami marine biologist asked them” to win one for the flipper.”
6. Stanford 12-2: Schools band tribute to cheese during the Rose Bowl was not very Gouda. In fact, the band just stinks.
7. Texas A&M 11-2: Count how many days until Johnny Spring Football begins.
8. Clemson 11-2: Boyd’s decision to return makes the Tigers the team to beat. Besides, any team with a coach named Dabo needs to win.
9. Louisville 11-2: Overwhelmed overrated Florida in the Sugar bowl.
10. Florida 11-2: The worst team to watch on TV-especially when Verne (Wow) Lundquist is calling the game (wow).
Here is a sneak-peek at some of my predictions for 2013.
Auburn will improve after their opening day loss to Washington State, coached by Mike Leach. The Tigers should defeat Arkansas State, Western Carolina and Florida Atlantic.
Tough road contests against LSU, Texas A&M, Arkansas and Tennessee will not help the Tigers get to a bowl game, not to mention home games with Ole Miss, Mississippi
State, Georgia and Alabama. Welcome back, Gus.
Alabama will be preseason No.1 in every poll in the country, not because they have won the championship a measly three out of four years, but because they are just that good.
As long as Saban and his staff coach and recruit at the level some would suggest, better than most pro teams, I would say the rest of college football is
playing for No.2.
Their first two games, Virginia Tech at the Georgia Dome and Texas A&M in College Station will tell the rest of the SEC exactly what to prepare for.
They host LSU, who just lost eight starters on defense and the rest of the schedule is a walk in the park for Bama.
I know early predictions are just that, “predictions,” but in Alabama’s case and if you are a Tide Pride ticket holder, go ahead and book your reservations for Pasadena.
Until next time…
Meyers is a columnist for The Outlook

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