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Local to star on Ammo & Attitude

Published 11:43am Thursday, January 17, 2013

When Shannon Bost saw Ammo & Attitude on NBC Sports, she decided she had to give it a shot.

Actually, it took a little cajoling from her husband.

“He saw the show on NBC Sports and said, ‘Hey baby, you have to come in here and see this,’” Bost said. “He said, ‘You’ve got to do this … you’re better than some of the ones who are on there.’”

Bost, of Alexander City, works for Lee Marketing Group as well as leading Weight Watchers Classes. She and her husband also opened The Lake Affect T-shirt Company. But during filming in April, the skills she will need are more outdoorsy.

Ammo & Attitude is a reality television show that bills itself as “a true women-only outdoor oriented reality show, based on a woman’s ability in the outdoors. This is “Survivor” meets the “Apprentice”– Outdoor Style,” according to the website. The show is owned and was created by executive producer Stephanie Shipman, owner of The Shipman Agency.

“This is all merit-based,” Bost said. “There’s nobody getting voted off because somebody likes somebody or doesn’t like anybody. It’s all performance-based. I think that’s great.”

But although Bost now claims some of her favorite activities are hunting, rappelling, shooting and rock climbing, she didn’t join the world of country girls until about four years ago, when her family moved here from Alexander City. In a house full of boys – her husband as well as two sons – Bost realized she was going to have to make a change.

“If you can’t beat them, join them – and then beat them,” Bost said. “There’s a lot of competition in our household for sure.”

It was her husband who first encouraged her to carry a gun when walking their dogs through the woods, in case of snakes.

Then, Bost received a gun as a birthday present. She realized how much she needed it one day when some wildlife got a little too close for comfort.

“The dogs are in a pen, and they’re going crazy,” Bost said. “I go over, and I notice there’s a rattlesnake in the dog pen.

“I go inside, I get a gun, and I shoot the rattlesnake,” Bost continued. “I’m thinking, ‘I’ve done it! I’ve made it. I’m a country girl now.’”

Bost said she later realized she had only wounded, not killed, the snake, which slithered away. The teasing that followed made her that much more determined to put in some target practice.

The self-proclaimed “country girl” now shoots crossbows, compound bows, pistols and rifles.

But she said there’s more to do to prepare for her competition against the five other contestants who were chosen from a pool of more than 1,500.

“I’ve never popped a bull whip, so that’s something that I’ll definitely practice,” Bost said. In addition to watching past shows for ideas of the challenges ahead, Bost said she has continued a workout routine she began with her son and has been practicing a variety of outdoor activities.

“Support has been wonderful,” Bost siad. “Everybody’s cheering me on, and I told them, ‘I can use all the prayers and encouragement and support I can get.’”

Some supporters will soon be sporting “Team Shannon” T-shirts.

But Bost said she hopes she can help spread the platform of the show, “spotlighting women in the outdoors in a professional way.”

“Women don’t have to be tomboys to participate in some of these things,” Bost siad. “You can still be a girly-girl and go hunting … I like to dress up and go shopping and all the other girly things … but I also have this other side.”

Season 4 will premiere in Fall of 2013.