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Final thoughts on Bama in 2013 while looking ahead

Published 10:31am Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A few parting thoughts on what was another BCS winning season for the University of Alabama …
n I am as big of a recruitnik as they come. I am already anxious to see who pulls which hat from underneath the various tables at commitment announcement ceremonies on the first Wednesday in February.
However, Alabama already received the best recruiting news it could possibly receive when Nick Saban slammed the door on a possible return to the NFL last week.
This year was probably the last shot for Saban to leave Tuscaloosa given his age.
My guess is that Saint Nick stays in Tuscaloosa until around 2018 now.
n If AJ McCarron completes the comeback against Texas A&M instead of throwing an interception on the five-yard line, does he win the Heisman over Johnny Football?
McCarron finished with 30 touchdowns and three picks for the SEASON including that interception against the Aggies.
These are staggering numbers in the best conference in the country.
n Miami is high priced. Imagine the most expensive place you have ever been. … Now double it.
In Miami’s defense, the trip was worth the money. However, I am sure Notre Dame fans disagree.
In a way, ND lost this game twice: Once on the field and once when the credit card bill comes a month later reminding them of the expensive beat down.
n Speaking of Notre Dame fans, I will give them the accolades they deserve. By and large their fans were pretty gracious and good-natured.
They were certainly excited pre-game, but it did not take long for the harsh reality of their inferiority to wash over their sunburned faces.
One Domer who sat next to me summed up the game succinctly when, after ‘Bama’s third touchdown, he said, “Ummm… Y’all are pretty good.” I honestly felt sorry for their fans a little. How could I not?
When you see a 35 year old man in green knickers and buckle shoes wearing a fake, red, Abe Lincoln beard slinking towards the taxi line mid-way through the third quarter, sympathy kind of is the first thing you feel.
n Alabama will lose a few juniors to the NFL draft, but overall this trophy-hoisting bunch is still one of America’s youngest.
There is no reason to think UA won’t be in Pasadena defending its title in January of 2014.
I have made mention of this before, but these are truly the salad days for ‘Bama faithful.
Soak these moments up like Wonder bread in Dreamland sauce.
The stats and records being broken by Saban’s squads may never be matched.
I may step on some houndstooth toes, but the last five years under Nick Saban are better than any five years under Bear Bryant.
Bryant was afforded many luxuries Saban isn’t, but Saban is still able to dominate his competition year in and year out.
On top of that, he does so in an era when the SEC has never been stronger.
So appreciate the moment people; I doubt another other college program will have a run like this for quite some time (and maybe ever).
Robinson is a columnist for The Outlook