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And the crown goes to…

Published 12:30pm Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Miss Outlook pageant winners announced

Benjamin Russell High School junior Alli Wilson was crowned Miss Outlook 2013 Sunday afternoon during day two of the Miss Outlook Calendar Girl Pageant.

Wilson, 17, is the daughter of Sonny and Tara Wilson.

Wilson received the Billy McGhee Memorial Scholarship, which is a full Ambassador’s scholarship to Central Alabama Community College and a $200 gift card to Little Black Dress, among other prizes.

Benjamin Russell High School ninth grader Sydney Pemberton was crowned Junior Miss Outlook 2013.

Pemberton, 14, is the daughter of Stephanie and Kelly Pemberton.

Radney Elementary sixth grader Hannah Henderson was named Little Miss Outlook.

Henderson, 11, is the daughter of Scott and Beth Henderson.

Chariot Ward was crowned Petite Miss Outlook.

Ward, 4, is the daughter of James and Nicole Ward.

The rest of the Miss Outlook and Junior Miss Outlook winners are as follows:

- Miss Congeniality, Madison Harrelson

- Junior Miss Congeniality, Anna Shaw

- Miss Photogenic, Lexi Key

- Junior Miss Photogenic, Madison Smith

- Miss Exemplary, Erin Wise

- Junior Miss Exemplary, Scout Treadwell

- Miss Sportswear, Madison Harrelson

- Junior Miss Sportswear, Deanna Silver

- Miss Evening Gown, Alexandra Winslett

- Junior Miss Evening Gown, Jordan Chapman

- Miss Valentine’s Day, Natalie Rye

- Miss New Year, Caroline Reyes

- Miss Spring, Courtney Blankenship

- Junior Miss Spring, Scout Treadwell

- Miss Summer, Madison Harrelson

- Junior Miss Summer, Madison Smith

- Miss Autumn, Alexandra Winslett

- Junior Miss Autumn, Jordan Chapman

- Miss Winter, Rosie Lamberth

- Junior Miss Winter, Kaylin Wilson

- Miss January, Victoria Washburn

- Junior Miss January, Valencia Pitts

- Miss February, Megan Browning

- Junior Miss February, Lauren Henderson

- Miss March, Jada Russell

- Junior Miss March, Regina Wilson

- Miss April, Rachel Cook

- Junior Miss April, Anna Shaw

- Miss May, Grace Mitchell

- Junior Miss May, Carli Price

- Miss June, Maddie Schuster

- Junior Miss June, Payton Powell

- Miss July, Lexi Key

- Junior Miss July, Maggie Daniel

- Miss August, Erin Wise

- Junior Miss August, Deanna Silver

- Miss September, Kealey Wall

- Junior Miss September, Marley McAlister

- Miss October, Kaitlyn Moore

- Junior Miss October, Danleigh Wright

- Miss November, Tiffany Haggerty

- Miss December, Payton Windsor

The rest of the Little and Petite Miss Outlook winners are as follows:

- Little Miss Congeniality, Cely Sammons

- Petite Miss Congeniality, Madison Nicole Hamlet

- Little Miss Photogenic, Camryn Crowell

- Petite Miss Photogenic, Chariot Ward

- Little Miss Exemplary, Mackenzie Willoughby

- Petite Miss Exemplary, Michael Ann Wagoner

- Little Miss Sportswear, Victoria Spann

- Petite Miss Sportswear, Kenzie Henderson

- Little Miss Evening Gown, Emma Culligan

- Petite Miss Evening Gown, Charlie Cotney

- Little Miss Spring, Mackenzie Willoughby

- Petite Miss Spring, Katie Grace Cotney

- Little Miss Summer, Cely Sammons

- Petite Miss Summer, Madison Hamlet

- Little Miss Autumn, Courtnie Moncrief

- Petite Miss Autumn, Charlie Cotney

- Little Miss Winter, Sara Winslett

- Petite Miss Winter, Clark Madison Dennis

- Little Miss January, Carly Henderson

- Petite Miss January, Joleigh Key

- Little Miss February, Kristen Mulkey

- Petite Miss February, Abbie James

- Little Miss March, Kaitlyn Henderson

- Petite Miss March, Lillian Rose Welcher

- Little Miss April, Kaylee Henderson

- Petite Miss April, Greenleigh Key

- Little Miss May, Carlee Tapley

- Petite Miss May, Kenzie Henderson

- Little Miss June, Annie Claybrook

- Petite Miss June, Audrey Champion

- Little Miss July, Emma Culligan

- Petite Miss July, Brooklynn Berry

- Little Miss August, Leah Osborn

- Petite Miss August, Hallie Locke

- Little Miss September, Camryn Crowell

- Petite Miss September, Promys Smith

- Little Miss October, Maddie McClendon

- Petite Miss October, Katy Sammons

- Little Miss November, Victoria Spann

- Petite Miss November, RaeLeigh Caldwell

- Little Miss December, Madolyn Daniel

- Petite Miss December, Samantha Wilson