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Examining college football after mugging in Miami

Published 10:13am Thursday, January 10, 2013

It became quite obvious shortly after the kickoff, that the only thing missing from this mauling was the yellow police tape you see around a crime scene.
By now, everyone has heard the entire story, but I want to know why CSI has not opened an investigation.
I would call the entire Notre Dame traveling party a complete fraud.
Not only were they downright disappointing, they showed up, disguised themselves as a football program rated No. 1 in the country, then turned themselves into, well, leprechauns.
There was a lot of money spent (wasted) on tickets to this game. I mean hundreds, if not thousands of dollars were paid to see these two storied football programs enter the ring, but only one showed up to the fight.
Both Alabama and Notre Dame Fans were short-changed, but something tells me the Bama fans are OK with it.
This had the makings of an epic battle between two heavyweights, but in the end, one fighter was yelling “no mas.”
Do you think the Bama fans could be grinning after seeing the t-shirts the Irish fans were showing on the internet?
I heard there is a t-shirt of Lou Holtz spitting, with three crystal footballs and a huge elephant protecting them.
How do you like the toothless, trailer homeowners now?
Notre Dame did not resemble the best team in the country, that title goes directly to Alabama.
Notre Dame resembled a team that should have lost to Pittsburgh.
Notre Dame did not win one for the Gipper; they were humbled for the ages.
It was a great story until they got started, then the glory turned to gory and the football gridiron became a war zone.
Alabama made WWII look like a lawn party.
Yes, on this night, Forrest ran circles around Rudy.
Irish nose guard Louis Nix III, would not admit the Irish were dominated. “We missed tackles, but they did not dominate us,” he said.
Note to Louis— they dominated you, son.
Let’s face it, the only quarterback in the stadium who had a chance against Alabama was not allowed to play.
Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel was in the stadium, watching Notre Dame get schooled by a team that was as close to perfect as they can get.
The teacher, Nick Saban, is the best coach in the nation and if this continues much longer, I would suggest they label him “best coach of all time.”
Yes, I know all about the late-greats such as Paul “Bear” Bryant, Knute Rockne, John McKay and others.
But think about the era of those coaches, how they could manipulate recruits and the system.
There were no limit on scholarships back in the days, plus there were no real enforcement policies in place.
That is why I marvel at the likes of a Nick Saban, who  like every other coach, knows he can only have 85 scholarship student-athletes,  unless the program is on probation with reductions in scholarships, the playing field is level for all football programs.
Do not think for one moment that Alabama and other successful programs are not under the watchful eye of the NCAA.
The perception is, when you are successful, you are cheating.
To play by the rules and do what they do in Tuscaloosa is just short of magic, and it all starts and ends at the top with the head coach.
Final analysis- Not only did Notre Dame lose, the way they lost will sting for a long time.
Like Puff the Magic Dragon, they will slip back into their cave for possibly another 25 years.
As far as the rest of the college football nation is concerned, playing for No.2 really isn’t all that bad.
I will be in South Bend for the Trojans-Irish game in 2013, but I just may be decked in crimson and white.
Until next time…
Meyers is a columnist for The Outlook

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