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SEC: bringing home the crystal ball in ‘14

Published 10:09am Tuesday, January 8, 2013

As luck would have it, my article typically runs on Tuesdays. As stupidity would have it, the BCS title game has recently begun kicking off at around 7:30 on Mondays.
Therefore, no matter what happened last night, there would be no chance that I could have something written about the game in time for printing.
Instead, I am going to irritate every non-SEC fan in the local area by saying that last night’s outcome is irrelevant: The SEC is winning it all again in 2014.
“But Luke…. what about Oregon or Ohio State or Oklahoma or….”…. Let me go and stop you right there.
All of those teams have tried to stop the SEC before and failed.
They will all fail again.
I don’t blame haters for pointing to LSU’s loss to Clemson or (sarcastic giggle) Mississippi State’s loss to Northwestern.
Those bowls games did not go the way of the mighty SEC, no doubt.
But the pressure of winning the Chick-Fil-A Bowl doesn’t exactly shoulder the enormity of THE game.
Handling that spotlight is what truly separates the SEC from the rest of college football.
Notre Dame may have beaten Alabama 42-0 last night for all I know, but that score won’t affect my belief that the nation’s best conference will continue to stockpile crystal hardware.
LSU, Alabama, Texas A&M, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida all return valuable pieces from their successful 2012-13 campaigns.
The crucial aspect of the returnees will be the starting quarterbacks which all of the aforementioned teams bring back.
Based on various way-too-early preseason polls for next season, I am not alone in my thinking.
One poll featured the SEC housing five of the top seven slots.
Another had all six of those teams I alluded to in the previous paragraph in their top 10.
Granted, there will be SEC cannibalism again.
When your league is filled with top ten teams, many will knock each other off.
It also won’t help that teams like Ole Miss and Vanderbilt continue to show massive improvement on the field and are recruiting at a much higher level as well.
But the SEC always seems to spit out at least one team that can maneuver its way through the rocky straits of intra-conference play.
Next year it may be Florida or Georgia instead of Alabama or LSU.
Maybe Johnny Football can take A&M to the promised land of Pasadena. Perhaps the Ol’ Ball Coach will finally get the Gamecocks over their BCS hump.
I don’t know which SEC team (or teams) it will be in the Rose Bowl playing for it all next year, I just know that whichever one it is will be adding a trophy to its case.
Robinson is a columnist for The Outlook