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Make way for Walgreens

Published 9:59am Saturday, January 5, 2013

Demolition was in progress Friday on what used to be Horseshoe Food Store to make way for Walgreens.

Former owner Bobby Chapman announced the sale of Horseshoe Food Store at the end of November.

Kathy Okrongley, president of Connolly Net Lease, LLC., said Walgreens plans to  open the store in fall of 2013.

  • BarryT

    I was talking on the telephone to my mother this weekend and she told me that the old Horseshoe Bend food store has been demolished. There are a lot of memories at that place. My father purchased a Phillips 66 service station in Alex City in the mid-60s. We lived in Georgia at the time, and my mother would load up the kids and go see Daddy in Alex City on the weekend. We would usually go to the Horseshoe Bend Motel & Restaurant and eat lunch. Years later, I worked for Bobby Chapman at the food store. I was probably 14 at the time. I also cleaned up the Stable Club after Friday and Saturday nights. It was a booming place in the mid-70s. I waxed the dance floor on Saturday mornings. I remember the day that Bobby, [I didn’t call him Bobby when there were other adults around. It was Mr. Chapman] brought Country Boy Eddie in there one Saturday morning. It was neat to meet someone famous. Not long after high school, I moved from Alex City and rode a Trailways bus to Houston. The bus stop was at the food store. I left my car at the bus stop and left my mother a note at home explaining that I was moving to Houston and for her to sell my car. (Yes, she was at the food store bus stop when I left) Several years later, Bobby hired me, now a student at Auburn University, to be a bartender at the Stable Club and cashier at the liquor store. I would drive to Alex City several days a week to work. You probably remember that the bar and liquor store were connected. I would go into the liquor store when someone came to purchase a bottle. It was usually someone buying a half pint of Seagram’s Gin. The Stable Club was a happening place then, too. We had good crowds on Friday and Saturday. We also hosted a few class reunions there. There was a big fight one Saturday night and I went to Bobby’s office the next morning and told him about it and that I was going to resign as the bartender. He closed the place for about a year. When it reopened, it was never quite the same, but I do not think that Bobby ever wanted it to be a booming place. He wanted it to be a relaxing place for the motel patrons. Bobby Chapman is an easy going fellow who wants to see his customers smiling. Me- I graduated from Auburn and eventually moved back to Texas. Over the years, I went back to the Stable Club a few times. I ran into an old friend the last time I went there. He was one of the “regulars” when I was the bartender. I remember that he drank Bacardi Rum and Sprite with a splash of OJ. He and his brother would come in there every day. The brother died several years ago, as have many of the “regulars” since I worked there. Now the place is just a memory for us all. Good memories.


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