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BUI, DUI should be treated equally

Published 12:35pm Friday, January 4, 2013

By Teresa Moten, Guest columnist

Bravo to Mr. Austin Nelson, news editor for The Outlook, for writing a dynamic and much needed article Dec. 7 concerning BUI and DUI and how they should be treated equally.

Anyone driving and drinking on the road or on a boat is a danger to himself and others. Proverbs 20:1 states wine is a mocker and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.

When someone causes an innocent bystander to be killed and a life is snatched off the earth unnecessarily there should be no distinction or question to argue which is worse, boat or car murder of innocent victims, because of lack of judgment and concern for self and human life.

Drinking and driving is unsafe. Loss of judgment happens. A drunk person has no desire to think rationally because the drinks he or she was exposed to do the thinking and controlling of faculties, telling the mind and body how to act, whether appropriate or not.

It doesn’t matter how educated or uneducated you are. You become irrational and will make bad decisions in a vehicle.

I guess the logic for some may be, ‘I’ll drink a few drinks and be all right,’ and one may forget how much is enough or may not know how much alcohol to consume or how much has been consumed after several drinks.

Drinking and driving don’t mix! Even when someone takes prescription drugs, the label sometimes reads that this medicine could cause drowsiness and to take caution when driving a vehicle or operating heavy equipment. Maybe we should take caution on alcohol, too.

I am for the law, and anyone who drinks and drive any vehicle, whether on a boat or in a car, should face the same consequences. Murder is murder, and an unnecessary robbing a human of life because of one’s desire to drink, thinking one can handle a vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance, must be stopped.

God, help us be more caring and thinking before driving any vehicle while drinking.

Change the law. Citizens speak up. Don’t allow others to drive themselves or others while using mind-altering drugs – yes, alcohol is a drug that society seems to ignore when socializing.

Ask a parent, loved one or friend – would you feel better if a vehicle on water killed your loved one or a car? Do you think the boat driver should get less time since he or she was on the water and not on the road?

I’m sure parents and loved ones would argue that murder is murder either way!

In the same Tuesday Outlook as Austin’s column was a story about two people being arrested for driving under the influence. Thank God no one was hurt or killed including the drivers. Had they not been arrested, a serious accident could have been caused such as a wreck or murder of an innocent person.


Moten is a guest columnist for The Outlook.