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Alexander City native becomes published author

Published 12:44pm Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dan Morgan’s first novel is now available for purchase, but his story of writing began 40 years ago in Alexander City.

Morgan said the main character germinated from a young man that was working for him.

“I just thought he’d make an interesting character,” Morgan said.

Morgan said his book focuses on Larry, one of the ‘stamp people’ of America, as he tries to rebuild his family.

“He has a pretty steep hill to climb,” Morgan said. “He has a rough life but a really good attitude. He aspires to find the good life, and to him the good life is to have what everybody else has – a family.”

Morgan said ‘stamp people’ are those society sees but looks past.

“Stamp people are like stray dogs: We see them during the day. We may briefly feel sorry for them. We have no idea where they go at night, and we forget completely about them as soon as they are out of sight. It’s a book about people we don’t often see or we don’t know a whole lot about,” Morgan said.

Morgan said his first writing experience was a play he wrote to receive a merit badge as a Boy Scout, when he was a ninth grader at Benjamin Russell.

“I got hooked on it after I started writing in high school,” Morgan said. “But I let my career get in the way.”

Morgan majored in journalism in college, but a part-time job in airline management during graduate school eventually evolved into a career that took him around the country.

“The last thing I wanted to do when I was working all day was come home and stare at a keyboard,” Morgan said. “The corporate world doesn’t always leave time for doing things you love.”

Morgan said he began his book Stamp People 10 years ago but did not find time to finish it until he retired.

“I’d tinkered with it for some many years,” Morgan said. “It was great to finally get it finished.”

Morgan said his advice for aspiring writers is to simply write.

“Do it,” Morgan said. “Don’t get discouraged. Put your nose to a piece of paper and just do it.”

Morgan said he encourages young people to tell the stories around them.

“I think we are missing a lot in literature today,” Morgan said. “I would love to see people look around them and write the stories they see.”

Morgan said Stamp People is now available for purchase on and will soon be sold electronically on Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s website. He is currently working on his second novel and plans to write more in the future.

Morgan now resides in Houston, Texas, but his parents are residents of Chapman Healthcare and Assisted Living facility in Alexander City.